Enjoy Niteroi

Réveillon 2016 H Niterói Hotel

O H Niterói Hotel promete um grande evento para receber 2016. A festa de Réveillon mais exclusiva de Niterói vai agradar toda a família, com serviço de alta qualidade, atrações ecléticas e ambientes diferenciados. Pela primeira vez o evento irá utilizar todas as áreas comuns do hotel. Além de mesas reservadas para a Ceia, os convidados […]

Shellfish Farm in Jurujuba

Minutes from the H Niteroi Hotel in Jurujuba Beach, is the second largest breeding clam farm in Brazil, coming in second only to one located in Santa Catarina.  

The Fortress of Santa Cruz da Barra

The Fortress of Santa Cruz is the place in Niterói that is closer to the city of Rio. Only 1.5 kilometers separates the fortress from the Marvelous City. For comparison purposes, the Rio-NiteróiBridge is 13 kilometers long.  

Local Niteroi Beachs

The Niteroi Oceanic beach Region is washed by the open sea and are about 40 minutes drive from The H Niterói Hotel. The region is frequented by locals, tourists and city residents.Definitely worth visiting!

Deluxe Motorcycles for Rental

How about a Eagle Rider experience starting at the H Hotel Niteroi? The Eagle Rider pioneered the motorcycle rental business concept and guided tours with Harleys and has since become a leader in the world market, offering a wide variety of Harley-Davidson in perfect condition, motorcycles Triumph, BMW and Honda, as well as all types […]

The Fortress of Santa Cruz

During the colonies and to the empire, the Fortress of Santa Cruz was the main defensive structure of Guanabara Bay and the Port of Rio de Janeiro against foreign invasions. It is currently the second most visited tourist point of Niteroi. It is the Head Office for the Artillery Division of the first Army Division […]

The Rio Niteroi Bridge

Delivered on March 4th, 1974, with a total length of 13.29 km (8.26 miles), the President Costa e Silva Bridge (Rio Niterói bridge) is considered the longest bridge in prestressed concrete inthe southern hemisphere. Towards the H Niterói Hotel, is seen to the south, to the right, the Sugar Loaf and the output of Guanabara […]

São Pedro´s Market in Niteroi

The traditional market of São Pedro in Niterói was founded in 1973 and offers fish and fresh seafood, even rare ones. Located in Ponta D’Areia, they have 39 boxes that attract customers for the quality of the merchandise and price. For our guests, the option to visit consists in buying the fish and ask to […]

The City Park in Niteroi

O Parque da Cidade é uma das mais belas atrações turísticas de Niterói.  Localizado no alto do morro da Viração tem 270 metros de altitude e possui um mirante com visão panorâmica para as Lagoas de Piratininga, The City Park is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Niterói. It is 270 meters high […]