Close your eyes and imagine: A Presidential Suite, with all the luxury and sophistication  that this long expected night deserves. A movie scenery, the encounter of the Guanabara Bay and the Ocean, the Sugarloaf and Corcovado. Is there anything that can compare ? How about a very romantic drink at the rooftop? This is not only a dream, this is the H Niteroi Hotel, the best and most sophisticated option for your honeymoon in Niteroi.

And to relax the H Niteroi offers a dry and steamed sauna with a view of the ocean and an infinite pool with the most fantastic landscape you have ever seen. The difficult part will be to choose between the 5 most romantic suite categories, all of them  with balcony.

Brides Packages

  • H Real

  • H Nobre

  • H Luxo

  • H Premium

  • Wedding party

  • Honeymoon